Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Cougar Town's' Dan Byrd Chats About Travis's Future

'Cougar Town's' Dan Byrd Chats About Travis's Future
Cougar Town's' Dan Byrd Chats About Travis's Future

Dan Byrd plays the role of Travis, the 18 year old son of Courteney Cox-Arquette's character, Jules, on the new hit show, 'Cougar Town'. Dan sat down with TV Guide to talk about his character and the interesting relationship he shares with his on-screen mother.

I think he's still somewhat embarrassed by her, but he's grown to accept her for who she is and he loves her for who she is," Byrd says. "I love their relationship. They're close and open with each other, which is nice to see. ... I think her having him young [contributes] to that. She's a good mom and she tries. I'm not really that surprised that he would tell her."

On tonight's episode, Travis brings home his new girlfriend for Thanksgiving.

"He tells his mom that he thinks he's ready to have sex for the first time with this girl," Byrd tells "It unsettles her and she has to digest it and try to have that talk with him. There are some incredibly awkward and embarrassing situations that take place as she tries to navigate her way through this."

Dan says that Travis might become 'cougar prey' in the near future! So, they needed to "up" his age in case it does happen.

" There was talk that he is 17, but we had to establish him to be 18 in an episode. They had to age him up like that to make sure that if stuff like that were to go down, it wouldn't be completely illegal or inappropriate," he says.

Some of this show's funniest moments are the ones between Travis and his parents. I'm really enjoying it. Did you watch Dan when he was on 'Aliens In America'? That whole cast was so good and the show was hilarious! I really miss it.

You can catch the 'Cougar Town' Thanksgiving episode tonight on ABC.

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