Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Daughter

First Daughter
First daughter is a film about a girl called Samantha Mackenzie who happens to be the presidents daughter who wants to go off to college without the aid of her bodyguards so everyone finally agrees so of she goes to college and ends up having a relashionship with another student called James but there is a lot more to James that Samantha doesn't know.

They hang out with each other for a while until Samantha invites James and her roomate Mia to a sort of ball thing that her dad was having and half way through it a car heads straight for Samantha and misses her and crashes in to another car so they have to get Samantha out of there and that is when she discovers that James is actually an undercover agent working for her father.

When she is back at college she is so distraught that she goes out drinking with Mia and as a result of her behaviour her father and mother are not happy about it and Samantha goes out to talk to James but he is not there and she realises that he has been reassigned and she is really unhappy about it and she blames herself because of the way that she had acted the night before.

As a result of what she done her mother shows up at her room and says that she was there to take her home so she does and there was another party and James was there but they knew that they couldn't be together and James gave her a present it was a box with a set of keys in it he had went and bought her a car then she drove it all the way back to college

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