Tuesday, November 24, 2009


An 80-year-old German woman whose handbag was snatched from her bicycle basket by a passing cyclist gave chase on her own bike and recovered her stolen property.

This is what happens when superheroes get old.

They keep making films about the X-Men characters when they were younger, like the X-men Origins: Wolverine film. What they should be making is one about the X-Men when they get older. I'd like to see X-Men Pensions: Wolverine. He's in a nursing home and has to get the help to wipe his ass. Let's be honest, with those claws, wiping himself could be tricky.

Anyway, back to the old woman. As she pedalled in pursuit of the 41-year-old thief through the western town of Buerstadt, she alerted a driver who stopped the culprit and held him until police arrived.

I don't understand why he was trying nick the bag in the first place. When I get dragged shopping with the other half I hate it when she goes to try stuff on because I get left there with the handbag.

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