Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember
a walk to remember is about two totally different people who end up falling in love there was Landon Carter the popular guy who had lots of friends but he was also a trouble maker he made a deal with this guy called Clay Gephardt that if he jumped of this high thing into water then he would be able to get into his gang but they didn't know that something terrible was about to happen when he jumped of into the water they realizes that it was too shallow so he got seriously hurt and ended up in hospital.

Then on the other hand there was Jamie Sullivan the quiet unpopular one that nobody wanted to know everyone always talked about Jamie behind her back she also sung in the choir in the church because her father was the reverend she also spent her Saturday's tutoring at the school there was a school play coming up and Landon got made to do the main character Tommy Thornton he wasn't very good at his lines so he asked Jamie if she would give him a hand and she said only if you don't fall in love with me he said no problem.

They studied after school then the following day he was really mean to her so she stopped helping him with his lines then when it came to the play he was amazed with the way that she looked and it was then that he realized just how much he liked her they kissed at the end of it then he asked her out on a date they were going out for about a couple of weeks.

Then one day they went for a walk and she broke the bad news to him that she was dying with leukaemia he didn't believe what he was hearing he was so upset but he didn't give up on her because he loved her so much and ended up asking her to marry him and she said yes so they got married had a great summer then she died it is a great film to watch you will cry every time without fail.

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