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Grammys 2010: Who Gave Best Face

Grammys 2010: Who Gave Best Face
We're in the thick of it now: Golden Globes, SAG, now Grammys.... award season is well underway. While other sites care about the music, and still others will comment on the wardrobe, we here at Beauty Banter simply care about the faces -- and manes -- that strut down that red carpet.

So, for 2010, here are our hits and misses for best face (in alphabetical order):

Beyonce - Girl is glittering and it looks gorge! I love the straight, lomg hair, very glam, parted on the side, with the glittering pieces interspersed throughout. And yes, I am aware that the hair is fake but I don't really care. Also loving the shimmering lower liner. Tres fab. Brows are about a shade too dark for my taste.

Fergie - So happy she wore her hair down with a bounce and the blue is a hot color on her - goes great with the deep chestnut hued hair. BTW, this is by far the best brown I've seen on Fergie. I'm so happy I can't even focus on the face (although my quick glance seems to show nothing out of the ordinary).

Heidi Klum - If this Victoria's Secret Angel didn't rock the red carpet, something would be amiss. But she really worked it out last night. That eye makeuop is so gorge and I'm really feeling the mauve lippy. The hair looks like she walked straight off the beach -- super simple but still beautiful and natural -- blonde highlights and all. Perfection. Hotness. Loves it. Seal is one lucky lad.

Jeniffer Hudson - YOU GO GIRL! Looking retro with bangs, lashes and fuchsia lips, J.Hud killed it! This is how you make an everyday pony look glam. And the eyes are insanely sexy. I'm so proud of the American Idol alum.

Jennifer Lopez - The girl is making a comeback! Her caramel haircolor looks fantastic, the length is perfect, the volume, enviable. Eye makeup is definitely a lot, bordering on overly sultry but I'm all for a dark eye and nude lip and nobidy quite does it like J.Lo.

Katy Perry - She looks aaaight, nothing I'm wowed over save for the bhindi (although not quite sure the significance of it with said look). Everything from hair to makeup is just a little blah especially for the Grammys, especially with this glamorous crew.

Lady Gaga - The dress is like a Christmas ornament on crack but we're not here to talk about the duds. As far as the face goes, sans that hideous black, "I just got stepped on by your tennis shoe" propaganda look, she actually seems to resemble a decent female. Hair is somewhat normal, makeup is as pretty as pretty can be in the land of Gaga. I'm not hating on it (accept the piss yellow hair color - that is a travesty).

Nicole Kidman - Are those 2 earmuffs on the side of her head or is the Princess Leia look the hot new trend? I mean, hids 'do. And she looks too stiff to be sitting in the company of the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce. Sorry, Nic, you've gotta step up your game when trolling to the Grammys.

Rihanna - Fiercest eyes of the evening. It looks like she's got spiders crawling from her lashes! And that pompadour is sickkkkk. She looks amazingly chic and glamorous and very pop rock and roll. My only quelm: the tone of the hair is a bit brassy, she could add hint of sunkissed highlights to even out the overall color.

Taylor Swift - She looks like a porcelain doll. Seriously, not a curl out of place or a lash not coated with mascara. She's a pretty girl, looks sweet, not a lot to go off of, she doesn't take many chances. I will say that I enjoyed her hair long and down as she wore it later in the evening as opposed to this prom 'do. But overall, I'm underwhelmed at the look while overwhelmed by her wins!

Who do YOU think gave best face?

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