Thursday, March 4, 2010

Megan Fox Reveals Some Secrets About Herself

Megan Fox Reveals Some Secrets About Herself

Megan Fox was interviewed on a television late night show when she disclosied she's fearful of the dark, she disclosed that she believes in ghosts and can not tolerate touching dry paper. She conceded: "I have been frightened of the dark all my entire life. "I allow the lights to be on day in and day out and if the light is not on, I am running across the room to get to the light switch. I can not tolerate walking through a dark room. I am frightened of what I can not see." The sensational actress also disclosed she retains a cupful of water alongside her while she's reading to get over her eccentric hatred of paper. "A few people do not care for fingernails over a blackboard since it leaves them with goosebumps," she contributed.
"I do not care for dry paper. Playscripts, newsprints or anything that's not plastic coated, I have to maintain wetting my fingertips with my tongue.
"If I am reading I have a cupful of water to douse my fingers in. I am truly neurotic."


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