Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feel Your Boobies®, A Breast Cancer Non-Profit Campaign uses Facebook Application to Save Lives

Feel Your Boobies®, A Breast Cancer Non-Profit Campaign uses Facebook Application to Save Lives

Are you doing it? That's the question being asked to millions of Facebook users by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation. A new Facebook application gives users the ability to send a "Feel Your Boobies, Are you doing it? ®" reminder to their friend list and download a virtual car magnet to put on their profile. They are then linked to the website at to get an actual physical free car magnet so they can spread the message on the street too. And the campaign is working. The Foundation has just received a testimonial from Holly Rose, a Facebook user in Phoenix who credits the campaign for her early breast cancer diagnosis. "My girlfriend posted a "Feel Your Boobies®" badge on her profile. I did that night and found a lump. I just had it removed last week and start chemo in a couple weeks. Had it not been for my friend who posted it on Facebook it could have progressed even further. I'm 39 and I'm going to live thanks to you," says Rose.

Since the launch date of the Facebook application, in early April, thousands and counting free feel your boobies® car magnets have been shipped. "We are really excited about the response to this new element of our social media campaign," says founder, Leigh Hurst. "We think this is a truly unique way to spread our message because we are able to utilize viral components both online and offline equally. Prior to creating a presence on Facebook we realized 90% of the people visiting our website said they found us because they saw a car magnet on the road. This led to the idea of modeling our online social media initiatives after our already successful offline gorilla marketing. Getting a testimonial from someone whose life has been saved because of our campaign is the greatest success we could have hoped for." The message is spreading. Currently Feel Your Boobies is the 3rd largest Healthcare Cause on Facebook. "Donating our time to work on this project was an easy decision," says Mark Wayman from Social Gears, the Silicon Valley-based company responsible for developing the application. "It's great to be a part of creating something that is really making an impact"

Funded by merchandise sales, individual donations and corporate sponsorships, the Foundation seeks ways to provide "a friendly reminder when you least expect it" as stated clearly in their mission and tagline. "By using a provocative slogan and fun imagery in unexpected places, we aim to make people giggle first and because laughter is contagious they want to immediately share the reminder with their friends and family members. Facebook is the perfect platform to do this," says Nicole Lennol, Creative Director for the organization. "And as proven by the messages and testimonials we've received as a result of our "Are You Doing It?" campaign, people are actually doing more than giggling, they're actually feeling their boobies," she adds.

About Feel Your Boobies

Founded in 2004, Feel Your Boobies® is a breast cancer awareness non-profit organization whose mission is to utilize unexpected and unconventional media to remind women, especially those under 40, to "feel their boobies". Getting in the habit of knowing is what is normal for you increases the chances of noticing a breast lump or other changes when they occur. Learn more at

About Social Gears

Social Gears, LLC is a creative and technical team passionate about the opportunities presented within the world of social networks. A social application venture of the international technology company Network Earth, Social Gears formed in November 2007 to create applications for Facebook, MySpace and other social networks and mobile platforms. Learn more at

Feel Your Boobies ® is a registered trademark. Reproduction or duplication of the trademark without written permission from the Feel Your Boobies Foundation is prohibited.

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