Sunday, March 21, 2010

Britney, on her India trip

Britney, on her India trip

It’s the romance of Rajasthan that Britney Spears is all set to be hooked on to when sBritney-Spearshe touches down in the desert state today.

Excited about her India trip, a first for her, the pop diva says, “The lovely weather of Rajasthan is very romantic, I am told.” And other than hoping to try out some of the spicy food, Britney wants to “get into some colorful clothes and also see what the dance, ghoomar, of the state is all about. I am told it’s extremely colorful and lively.”

On a high with Womanizer steadily climbing the pop charts, Britney was all set to release its video on December 2, till it got leaked on the internet. Now, having decided to reshoot it with choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, Britney’s India fascination is becoming more than evident. Talking about how she’s looking forward to being in India for a couple of days, Britney says, “Yes, this trip is mainly to spend a lot of time doing exclusive rehearsals without any disturbance with my choreographer Sandip. I’m hoping to learn a lot under him, as he is creative, he is dynamic, he is full of life... and dancing as per his moves would be exciting.” For the uninitiated, Britney had first seen Sandip’s performance when he presented a special dance number at Madonna’s 50th birthday party. And gushing about Sandip, she adds, “Oh, he is very handsome! It is difficult to find a good looking, creative dancer in the world today. But the best part about Sandip is that he is a wonderful man at heart, he has all the qualities women would look for in their men.” Do we smell romance in the air as some tabloids are claiming?

Of course, Sandip rubbishes this talk. But what the pop diva has said about him definitely brings a smile to his face. “Oh really, she said all those lovely words for me? That is very sweet of her. Well, the only thing I can say to this is, ‘thank you’. Britney is a lovely person, she has gone through a lot in her life and all the ups and downs have made her a stronger and a more beautiful person.”

Britney’s India sojourn will see her visit Mumbai too. “Yes, I do have plans to visit the city, but let us see. It all depends on what Sandip and my team have planned for me,” says the Toxic girl. Talking about the recent terror strikes that Mumbai had witnessed, she says, “It is sad what happened a month back in India. But, the way Indians have taken action against terror is very commendable. I salute the Indian spirit.” And doing her bit for Indian tourism, she adds, “And I really would like to tell the people of the world that India and its people are indeed very beautiful, so they must not stop coming here. What happened in India can happen in any part of the world, it was just unfortunate. I am here and so can you be.”


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