Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hayden's License Revoked Due To Sex Scandal

Hayden's License Revoked Due To Sex Scandal

The government has revoked the license of celebrity doctor Hayden Kho Jr. following the immorality complaints filed against him by his ex-lover, actress Katrina Halili.

"The Board declares that Dr. Kho Jr., violated the right of privacy of Ms. Halili when he videotaped their most intimate moments without the express consent and knowledge of the complainant...he was negligent and careless in the custody and possession of the videotape... the videos were then released to the public and this constituted evidence in the invasion of privacy of the complainant," the decision read.

Kho, for his part, admitted filming his sexual encounters but denied uploading the videos. He also apologized to Halili, saying the videos were part of his personal collection and accused his friends of posting them.

Halili also filed a complaint before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) seeking the agency's help in curbing the rampant selling of their sex video in the underground markets.



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