Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sarah Polley takes a stand

Sarah Polley takes a stand

Sarah Polley has removed her name from the credits of a short film to premiere on CTV during this Sunday's Oscars, after discovering it will be used to promote Becel margarine.

The film, titled the Heart, was made to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation and inspire women to take care of their hearts. It was commissioned by Becel, which sponsors the organization's healthy living campaign.

However, when Polley found out her work would be used to promote more than the cause, she disassociated herself from it as she's “never actively promoted any corporate brand, and cannot do so now.”

"I was thrilled, as I was proud to be associated with the work of this incredible organization [The Heart & Stroke Foundation]," Polley said in a press release yesterday. "However, I have since learned that my film is also being used to promote a product. Regretfully, I am forced to remove my name from the film and disassociate myself from it."

Kudos to Sarah for knowing and standing by her values!

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