Monday, January 11, 2010

Young Victoria's Emily Blunt 'bluntly' tells British critics to chill out!

Young Victoria's Emily Blunt 'bluntly' tells British critics to chill out!

Emily Blunt, who was sensational in The Devil Wears Prada, is not mincing her words when it comes to British film critics lambasting her new film, The Young Victoria.


Says the actress:

"Over here, people accept it as being a love story, allowing themselves to be swept away by it, rather than getting too caught up in the details." Okay, American are easy I guess, but then the film didn't exactly skimp on the historical details either."

Reports Roger Moore (not the actor): Of late, Blunt, 26, has made a specialty of playing Americans -- in "Sunshine Cleaning," "The Great Buck Howard" and "Dan in Real Life."

"But you can't get more British than playing the queen, this queen," she says. "I learned very little about Victoria in school. We've had so many kings and queens that I think the schools find it quite hard to focus on one. I remember my mum talking to me about her and saying that she'd had this terribly successful marriage and that they were very passionate about each other and that he'd died very young.

"The image I had of Victoria was of the old lady, dressed in black, in mourning. I knew nothing about the passion behind it that made her grieve so ferociously for this man, the great love of her life. That's what I loved about doing the film, discovering that passion with her as she grew to know how, playing that."

That romance is the focus of "Young Victoria." The courtly love affair (Rupert Friend plays the young, continental Prince Albert) dominates the film. Blunt plays Victoria first as a put-upon teen ruler in waiting, under the thumb of her mother (Miranda Richardson) and her mother's closest advisor (Mark Strong). [ read more ]

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Oh, and her advice: "Watch the History Channel if you want it literal and historically perfect."

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