Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wu Chun considers investing in basketball club

Wu Chun considers investing in basketball club
BRUNEIAN Chinese actor Wu Chun said that he was interested in investing in a basketball club, as he recalled a match against Yao Ming in their teen years, the China Daily reported.

“It (investing in a basketball team) is a pretty good idea, and perhaps one day I will buy one,” the businessman-turned-actor told China Daily in an interview on Aug 9, without elaborating further.

Wu, 30, is an ardent fan of basketball legend Michael Jordan. He still remembers the result of the game between Brunei and China at an Asian tournament for teens in the Philippines. “It was 126:28, we lost,” he said. “1 was 14 or 15 then.”

Wu played against China’s two most powerful giants -Yao Ming, now NBA Houston Rockets centre, and Wang Zhizhi, a former NBA player who is now the centre of Bayi Shuanglu Rockets of China.

“The Chinese players were so tall, and all rebounds were theirs,” Wu said. During the match, a much smaller Wu had to confront Yao, because Wu was already one of the tallest of his team. No record on the three’s heights at the time was available.

Wu is now 1.83m tall, compared with Wang’s 2.14m and Yao’s 2.26m. But Wu still managed to be the top scorer of his team at that match, with 10 points, a performance “already handsome enough”, he said.
China won the title of the tournament that year.

Wu said sports have become part of his life and bring him business opportunities. Wu earned his first bucket of gold, B$1,000 (US$700), at the age of 14 by organising a basketball tournament in Brunei. He now runs two gymnasiums in the country and plans to open the third in January.

Wu said that he was approached by some investors to launch gymnasiums on the Chinese mainland. “I will invest in big cities,” he said, naming Shanghai as a possible place.

A member of Taiwan pop band Fahrenheit, Wu gained an initial success after he played a part in
Taiwan idol TV drama “Tokyo Juliet” in 2005. TV drama “Hanazakarino Kimitachihe”, adapted from a Japanese cartoon in 2006, made him a star in the Chinese community.

In both dramas, Wu acted as a student. His first movie “Sword Butterfly”, based on a Chinese classic romance, was put on show last year. His second movie, “14 Blazes”, has also been completed.

Its stars include Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and mainland actress Zhao Wei. The movie tells a story of special government agents in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and Wu acts a judge.

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