Saturday, January 16, 2010

VETTAIKARAN is not a blockbuster

VETTAIKARAN is not a blockbuster
Vijay’s shocking lies is gruesome

Tamil film industry may boast about certain amenities that gets it going on top ofworld. We've extraordinary actors, astounding technicians and their mind-boggling works. We've the World renowned actors like Kamal Haasan, Rajnikanth and A.R. Rahman, who make more news on headlines much greater in magnitude than Shah Rukh and other Khans of Bollywood.
But then, there are few things that stop us from getting the film industry ahead. Few actors like Vijay who makes the situations worsened up.
In a recent interview, with a print media owned by 'Vettaikaran' producers, he has mentioned that the film is a blockbuster….
Oops! did he ever visit the theatres on the 5th day, the audiences have felt as though a disastrous moment has happened.
'Vettaikaran is a blockbuster' can be the speculative lies that can't forgotten in centuries to come.

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