Friday, January 15, 2010

tiger woods affair photos

tiger woods affair photos

There is a new Tiger Woods affair photo. In fact there are two.

The latest to join the "I Had An Affair with Tiger Woods" club are Theresa Rogers and Julie Postle.

It seems that the Tiger Woods Affair Photos remain to be the top search of most internet users as of the moment. And people still continued to become curious aboutTiger Woods and what’s the latest buzz about him, his affairs, his family and latest addition to the continous counts of alleged mistresses.

The controversial issue and the continuous counts of alleged mistresses began with Rachel Uchitel until it resulted to 10-15 additional mistresses which forced the pro golfer to leave the golf life and to save his marriage with Elin Nordegren.

What may or may not be a surprise, is that Woods is losing millions and millions of dollars due to his adulterous ways:

1. Payoff to mistress # 1, Rachel Uchitel.
2. Loss of money from endorsements when Accenture, Gatordade and Gillette dropped him (or are limiting his commercials) like a hot potato.
3. The "indefinite break" from golf to focus on his family.
4. Tthe most painful and costly effect of the Tiger Woods Affair Photos, is yet to be determined by the woman who was hurt the most: If or when his wife Elin, plans on to divorce him.

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