Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paula Abdul Opening A Fashion Line For Dogs

Paula Abdul Opening A Fashion Line For Dogs
Paula Abdul is preparing to introduce a apparel line for dogs. She has numerous pet doggies,and is determined to design a chain of undivided accessories for coddled animals. An informant stated, "Paula is secretly establishing a new commercial enterprise, designing accessories for posh fidos. She's already met with major pet store businesses who are reaching at the collar to manage her designs." The onetime pop star is considered to be making crystal-studded collars and leashes, tee shirt's, sweaters and shoes for canines. Paula is therefore positive the idea will be a smash, she desires her darling pets to star in the advertisement campaigns for her new line. The informant contributed to a celebrity tabloid, "Paula has pledged that her own 5 doggies will fashion model for all her television and print advertisements." Paula's dog would not be the 1st renowned dog to commence a fashion career. Elle Macpherson's dog has reportedly contracted a five-figure deal to become the expressions of dog fashion label Dogside.com.

Source: celebrityinsite.blogspot.com

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