Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best of '09: guest blogs

Best of '09: guest blogs

It sometimes took a little kicking and screaming to get you going, but 2009 saw the emergence of some fine guest blogs over here on

From quality Q&As to scathing reviews of Blake Lively's hair, y'all proved you really get everything this website stands for.

Well, most of you anyway. Number one goes to the blog's very first, and coincidentally most outlandish, guest entry.

5. My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding has a really long title, and not much else going for it, by Howard Jamieson, November 25, 2009
"Two minutes in, I realized I had made a terrible error in judgement, resulting in what will likely go down in family lore as the worst birthday gift my mom ever received."

4. Q&A: Said The Whale's Tyler Bancroft, by Jessey Bird, June 30, 2009
"So, when I heard that Vancouver’s Said the Whale would be playing not one, but two shows for Ottawa’s massive Canada Day celebrations, I was more than excited. I’ve happily had their album on repeat ever since I ended up on a cross-America road trip with only two CDs in my borrowed truck."

3. Janice Wong's Pop Montreal Top 10, by Janice Wong, October 8, 2009
"If anyone knows me, they know that I am a very awkward anti-dancer. So then you can imagine how FUCKING FANTASTIC Think About Life's set at Réunion was if it had me jumping up and down and skipping and dancing up a storm for the duration."

2. Vanessa, on the Emmys, by Vanessa, September 20, 2009
"on a side note, blake lively's hair looked like a horse's ass . . . literally. it was braided like the hair that covers a horse's ass."

1. Amy Winehouse is hot, by Seth Green, April 6, 2009
"She's often photographed leaving bars all haggard and gross. So? That's totally bad ass. It's hotter than when you do the same thing (not you, Chris) or, for that matter, when I do the same thing."

For more entries from people who aren't me, click here.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed over the past year. Let's keep it coming in 2010!

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