Friday, December 11, 2009

Vanessa wants it that way. (I do too).

Vanessa wants it that way. (I do too).

This is an oldie that I didn't get around to posting . . . until now. (Note most of my responses are merely "hahah"s. Vanessa really felt passionate about this subject).

via Gchat, July 29, 2009.

Vanessa: can you think of any songs that evoke the same kind of passion that the Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way does?

Chris: I don't think there is anything.

Vanessa: what comes close?

Chris: ummmmmm . . . I'm Your Lady, Celine Dion

Vanessa: ooo true. What else?

Chris: lol, why do you ask?

Vanessa: running songs. Nothing makes me want to run and sing like I Want It That Way. Britney's Stronger does a nice job too.

Nothing tops I Want It That Way. I'm sorry. But nothing can. It's the perfect amount of passion combined with an excellent pace... and just enough build up at the end there, when Nick belts it out.

Chris: hahahahah

Vanessa: man, I sang so hard when we were driving home from NYC listening to that song. Such passion!

Chris: did I tell you we sang it on the way home from Montreal on bachelorette weekend?

Vanessa: hahaha no. I bet it was amazing! It hits all the melodic notes that make your heart want to jump up and run

Chris: hahahah

Vanessa: Another great thing about it is that no matter your vocal range, you can hit all the notes spot on. And just when you're at the end of a long run, right when you think you can't make it around the next bend, or up that hill, Nick belts it out... and his voice lifts you up, carries you to the next level, and you sprint it out!

Chris: hahahah

Vanessa: it's so true. If I ever run a marathon, I'm going to time it so that that song comes on at the very end, right before i die.

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