Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Only Way To Fly...

The Only Way To Fly...
So, British Airways would have a lean Christmas. If the strike is allowed, its cabin crew will be sitting around on their backsides in protest. It could cost the airline millions. It could also cost the Boot's make-up department tens of thousands if the air hostesses don't need to put all that slap on.

Could you imagine a flight without the cabin crew? We would have to work out where the exits are by looking for the exit signs. We would have to check that our own seat-belts are fastened and we would have to say goodbye to ourselves as we queue behind some slow foreigner to get off the plane. Oh, the humanity!

The best thing about flying is that you are up there at 30,000 feet and they give you... a live jacket! Wouldn't a parachute make more sense? I mean, if you're falling out of the plane and you pull the chord, that extra few inches of cushion isn't going to help. You ain't gonna bounce!

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