Friday, December 11, 2009

Drench Advert

Drench Advert
There's a new Drench advert about hit the TV. That's an advert for bottled water, by the way.

It's a tricky thing to sell because you can't be honest. You can't do this...

    MVO: Do you want water that you get from a tap for a fraction of one penny, but pay £1.50 for it, because it has a name on the bottle? You do? Then you want, Drench.

They didn't go with that advert idea. It's not 30-seconds long, so I think that's why they didn't go with it.

This time it's an advert with hamsters. Well, if meerkats can sell us car insurance, I'm sure hamsters and bottled water is a perfect fit.

The new ad looks set for cult success too as it shows real hamsters 'playing' musical instruments.

Small, furry and musically gifted. SuBo's got competition.

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