Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing is a film about a sweet daddy's girl called Frances 'Baby' Houseman and they all went on a family holiday to a resort in New York's Catskill Mountain and her holiday got a lot more exciting when she met the camp's dance instructor Johnny Castle and she ends up lying to her father to get money to pay for an illegal abortion that Johnny's dance partner needed Penny Johnson but the baby wasn't Johnny's but because of the abortion Penny couldn't dance so they got Baby to do it that's what everyone called Frances.

When Johnny was showing her the dance moves they fell for each other but things started to go wrong with the abortion and it left Penny with bad pains and a fever so Baby went and got her father because he was a doctor so he came to have a look at Penny then he blamed Johnny for the mess that Penny was in and he told Baby that she was to stay away from them.

Late at night she went around to where Johnny lived to apologise for what her father had said to him and they ended up spending the night together and in the morning one of his jelouse dance students had seen her coming out of his house and she told his boss that wallets were going missing and Johnny got blamed for it and got sacked but Baby said that it couldn't have been him because he was with her all night and it turned out that it was this old couple called mr and mrs Schumacher but Johnny still got sacked for sleeping with the guests so he had to leave.

At the end they have this sort of concert thing and Johnny normally does the last dance of the season so he comes back and looks for Baby and when he sees her sitting with her family he walks over and says his famouse words 'nobody puts Baby in the corner' and he takes her hand and leads her up on the stage to do the last dance of the season then Baby's father finally apologises to Johnny for being wrong about him getting Penny into trouble.

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