Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Drake,

Dear Drake,

I would like to start off by saying, "I love your music--especially, your latest effort, So Far Gone"... I noticed that you have been having injury, after injury--the first one being from you playing a game of basketball, tearing your ACL and still performed at the BET Awards. Then, the other day you performed with Lil' Wayne, skipped across the stage and fell. This fall caused even more damage, and now you have to get surgery. I go online today and read reports and see video of you performing--again--against doctor's orders. In life, sometimes God will speak to us through the circumstances, and He sends us messages... I am saying this in hopes that you take a hint and see the pattern that I'm seeing here. The bottom line is, you need to press "pause" for a moment. I know things are moving at vast rate for you, but you need to take a break. You are blessed to walk and move around as you please, and I hope that you wouldn't want that to change just because you made some poor decisions...

- LaLa Nicole "Ms.L"

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