Friday, December 18, 2009


Beetlejuice is a film about two ghosts called Adam and Barbara they died in a horrific car accident then about a week later this couple moves into there home with there daughter Lydia but the ghosts hate it and they try to scare them away but it doesn't work then Lydia catches them up in the attic and ends up becoming friends with them but because they failed to get rid of them out of there house they find out how to contact this evil ghost to scare them away all the have to do is say the word Beetlejuice three times then he appears.

They had no idea how evil and dangerous he really was and to get rid of him all you had to do was say Beetlejuice three times again but once he was out he refused to go back he knew how to do all this cool stuff so when they wanted rid of him and started saying his name he would put a zip over there mouth and when they would open it he would put a piece of metal over there mouth so that they couldn't take it of because he was trying to marry Lydia even though she was alive but then this big snake at least i think it was a snake comes crashing through the ceiling and eats him and after all of that they all come to an agreement that they will all stay in the house they will just divide it up between them because the house was that big so they all lived happily ever after.

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