Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Kinaryosih was born in Jakarta, on March 3 1979. Se was the national actress who starred in several films and the film. Her name jumped after starring in the PERKAWINAN SEDARAH film the production of Multivision Plus. She was called by Kinar began entered to the world of entertainment through the model stage. From here afterwards herself gained the first champion the Femina face 1997, that afterwards took herself to the world of the film. Just in 2001, Kinar began to be acting in the world of the film. The film that star in by her among them, INDAHNYA CINTA, ROMANTIKA, AKU CINTA KAMU, PERKAWINAN SEDARAH, WULAN and TV Serial JOMBLO.

Kinar received the opportunity to support the wide screen film directed by the director Lola Amaria, BETINA. Then the ALEXANDRIA Film and finally, MENDADAK DANGDUT directed by Rudi Sudjarwo. Through this film herself afterwards got piala citra 2006 categories of the best actrees of the female servant.

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